Below, is a list of committees MSIB is starting and would love help. Again, being on a committee is fairly simple. You can put time in that fits you schedule. There is no set hours. You will meet once a month but the meetings are not mandatory. We would only expect 2-3 hours a week if that. Some weeks you won’t have any time others, you’ll have more. Getting involved will increase your understanding and knowledge of your customers, potential customers, town dynamic, and it will put you in tune with many other business owners where you can collaborate ideas, marketing, and more.

  1. Sponsorship/Grants – this committee will always be focused solely on raising money through events, general donations, funding projects etc. Sub-committees: Event Sponsorship; Membership Sponsors; Funding Projects (example: raising parking meter rates), Grants/Revolving Loan Fund
  2. Marketing – this committee will not be involved with the actual look of our marketing, but figuring out when it needs to go out, how long before events, where the best avenues are, what types of marketing work, they will also be the ones keeping up with social media. The events and activities committee will be the ones whom actually design the marketing for specific events. Sub-committees: Event marketing; MSIB Marketing; Town/Corridor Marketing; Social Media/Website
  3. Events/Activities – This committee would plan, design, organize, implement, and operate events and activities Sub-committees: 2nd Fridays; Wine walk/Beans and Brews
  4. Downtown Development – This committee would be responsible for town data, open storefronts, attending Borough Meetings/School Board meetings, building owners, beautification projects, town safety Sub-committee: Town Data; Downtown Development and Beautification;
  5. Business Sustainability and Success – This committee would be responsible for having information and resources for new, current, and potential business owners. Contacts with the SBA, SCORE, Chamber of Commerce etc.

If you ready to help contact us at: